Thursday, October 10, 2013

A Different Introduction to Data Governance

Most likely, you have heard the term Data Governance before, or even read multiple attempts to define it...

No, Data Governance is not just a hype, and it's not the latest intrigue of your IT department. It's not about pushing responsibilities or blaming people. It's not about being picky, and you don't only do it to please others.  

It does not even require more work, actually it's the opposite, and - put in simple words - the principles of Governance can be summarized as: Do things right the first time!
And Data Governance: Do all things data right the first time!

Who wants to question this approach? What is the alternative? "Do it sloppily now, we'll fix it later if necessary!"? Well, if it's not necessary why even taking the time to do it sloppily? And if it's necessary, why spending additional time later when it's much easier (faster, more economical) to do it properly right away?

In any event, too many organizations have 'let it go' for too long, over time data issues have accumulated - and that's why we are talking Data Governance now...

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  1. I couldn't agree more. This article is spot on. I think the major challenge is that most organisations still have departments working in silos. One department will do its work instruction "perferctly", BUT will fail to inform the other department of the change they have made. Yes the business systems and processes should pick such critical control points. But guess what, they are picked after the effect. Our business systems are so reactive.